Small batch. Hand crafted. Made in Burleigh.

Welcome to Burleigh Chilli Co., a family-owned local business rooted in the vibrant heart of the Gold Coast. Inspired by Burleigh's sun-soaked beaches and laid-back vibes, our journey began with a passion for creating exceptional hot sauces.

As we savoured the local brews at our favourite brewery, we felt the entrepreneurial itch. Little did we know that our true calling would emerge from the depths of our kitchen, where we eagerly experimented with our beloved chilli peppers.

One unforgettable dinner party changed everything. We unveiled an experimental hot sauce that left our friends & family craving more, and that's when Burleigh Chilli Co. was born.

Our brand, Burleigh Chilli Co., pays homage to our deep affection for the Burleigh lifestyle. We're committed to infusing the spirit of community into every aspect of our products, from flavour profiles to branding.

Drawing inspiration from the waves that grace Burleigh's headland, our core sauce range mirrors the diversity of surfing experiences. We begin with the Ankle Biter, offering a mild kick for those seeking a gentle start. Next, the Point Break steps up the heat, catering to those who crave a bit more intensity. Finally, the Cyclone Swell beckons the adventurous chilli lover, providing a thrilling ride without overwhelming your taste buds. At Burleigh Chilli Co., we're all about enhancing your meals with flavour and fun, not scorching your palate like some sauces designed for chilli-eating contests.

Discover your favourite sauce with our Party Wave set, which includes each of our core range options. Dive into the world of Burleigh Chilli Co. and experience the essence of our passion for hot sauces.