Discover Purple Haze: A Symphony of Flavours in Every Drop

Discover Purple Haze: A Symphony of Flavours in Every Drop

As the seasons change, we're thrilled to reintroduce our latest creation: Purple Haze. This seasonal hot sauce is a tantalising blend of dark plum, beetroot, and birds eye chilli, designed to elevate your dishes to new heights.

A Flavour Profile Like No Other

Purple Haze is not just a hot sauce; it's an experience. The foundation of this unique blend lies in the rich, earthy waves of beetroot, setting the stage for the symphony of tastes that follow. Adding to this base is the tangy sweetness of black plums, which infuse the sauce with a fruity brightness. The thrilling twist of birds eye chilli ignites the flavours, creating a harmonious blend of sweet, earthy, and spicy.

Versatile Culinary Companion

Purple Haze's unique combination of ingredients makes it a perfect complement to a variety of dishes. Drizzle it over grilled meats for a new dimension of flavour, or use it as a dipping sauce for roasted vegetables to give them a spicy, sweet twist. Even something as simple as a sandwich can be transformed with a few drops of this exceptional hot sauce.

Heat Rating

With a solid chilli kick rated at 3 out of 5, Purple Haze offers a pleasant heat that enhances rather than overwhelms, making it perfect for both chilli aficionados and those newer to spicy foods.

Embrace the Flavour

Don't miss out on this celebration of flavour. Whether you're a hot sauce enthusiast or looking to add excitement to your meals, Purple Haze is sure to impress. Add a bottle to your collection today and let your taste buds embark on a new adventure. Buy now and experience the magic of Purple Haze!

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